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Rededication of Sarah Sturtevant Leavitt Monument.

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Rededication of Monument

For the Family of

Jeremiah Leavitt 2nd & Sarah Sturtevant Leavitt


By Joseph Vernon Leavitt

Santa Clara, Utah

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dear Eternal Heavenly Father:

     I pray unto thee humbly at this time for the purpose of rededicating the site of this monument, which is to serve as a memorial to the lives of Jeremiah and Sarah Sturtevant Leavitt, and their children. We ask thee to bless them for the part that they played in the early settlement of this delightful part of thy vineyard. We ask thee to permit the spirits of those honored here to be with us at this time so as to enjoy with us this sacred occasion. We pray that they know of our love for them, and wish them to know that we do also love thee and thy Son, our Savior and leader, Jesus Christ. We are ever thankful for the witness provided to many of us in our hearts through The Holy Ghost of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

     As an Elder of Israel, having the honor to bear the Melchizedek Priesthood, I dedicate and consecrate this monument, and the site upon which it stands, to the support of thy kind purposes and loving designs for the destiny of the family of Jeremiah and Sarah Sturtevant Leavitt and their children to the latest generation. And this that their hearts will be touched by the influence of thy Spirit to know thee, and of the honor and trust placed in them by their having been appointed a place in this great family. I bless those who open their hearts to the messages of testimony placed on the plaques here, that they will be inspired to know of their truthfulness for themselves.

     I call upon the elements, above and below the Earth, to forgo the showing forth of their fierceness and wrath in this place, that it be protected and preserved so as to continue to serve its spiritually important purposes for all time. I pray, Heavenly Father, that thou will have a special interest in the well-being of those who diligently care for this monument, the grounds, and the ornamentations thereof. I ask thee to assist them in this that the plants, bushes, and trees upon these grounds will flourish. Moreover, I ask thee to bless those who have provided means to assist in its creation and development, and especially those who have a part in providing for its perpetual care.

     We thank thee, oh God, for all that we have and are, and ask for thy continued concern for and assistance in our spiritual and intellectual growth, that we may ultimately be able to stand at thy right hand in the eternal world. And, may we all be ever in thy service, I pray, in the name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.