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How to send a GEDCOM file as an e-mail “Attachment” in “Outlook Express

1.  Click on the Outlook Express desktop icon to enter Outlook Express.

2.  Click on the "New Mail" (or "Create...") icon on the menu bar.

3.  Type in the recipient’s E-mail address name in the box called "To:" 

Then, in the “Subject” box, type in a short title of what your E-mail message contains.  For example:  Here is my Smith GEDCOM file.

4.  Click into the big white box and type your message as you would a letter.

5.  Click on the Paper-Clip icon on the menu bar called "Attach."  If you don’t see the “Attach” icon, click on the “Insert” pull-down menu, and select “File Attachment.”

6.  You must click on a file name (for example: smith.ged) wherever it is located in your computer and then click to attach.  User files are sometimes stored by default in a folder called “My Documents.”  You may need to (double) click on that folder and look for your file name there.  If it isn’t found there, use the “Search” utility.  The Search utility is found by clicking on the “Start” button in the lower left hand corner of the screen, and selecting “Search.”

NOTE:  If you receive a file as an attachment to an E-mail message, and save it to your hard drive, be sure to remember the name of the folder where the file is being saved.  Also, when you export a gedcom file from your genealogy program, the program will let you specify the folder where the file is to be saved.  Remember that folder’s name, so you can find it later, when you want to attach it to an E-mail message.

7.  The attachment file name will now show on your E-mail message in an “Attach:” box below the “Subject:” box.

8.  Click on the “Send” icon on the menu bar.  Your E-mail message and attachment(s) will now be sent to the recipient(s) you indicated in step 3 above.