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Coordination of LDS Ordinances  

for Leavitt Families

    Ordinances like baptism are necessary, but could not have been received by those of our families who lived on the Earth during periods of time, in which the gospel ordinances were not available.  Therefore God, being fair, instituted a plan in which the ordinances could be performed in their behalf by later generations who would serve as proxies for them.   Those who lived according to God's will, and wished to accept the ordinances that were done in their behalf, would have a valid claim to their benefits.  To learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, click here. 

Coordination is necessary in order to avoid the duplication of temple ordinances.  "New FamilySearch" should be effective in the stated goal of providing a forum and means for the coordination among families of proxy temple work for their common ancestors.  We are willing to cooperate in any way we can, but have not yet submitted any data to new FamilySearch from our genealogical database.

The genealogical data as shown on this website does not include LDS ordinances, but the complete database is kept intact at several locations, and protected against loss.