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 Welcome to WALF!


Our Mission

Our organization is established to seek out and gather in descendants of Leavitt progenitors in order to nourish the living, honor the dead, and strengthen the sense of heritage.  It is our aim to forge  binding ties through the preservation of histories, the saving ordinances, and the promotion of nurturing sociability; and to foster among us the cherished values inherent in the Leavitt legacy.

A non-profit corporation [501(c)(3)] domiciled in Utah



Family Forum- World wide message board, where you can ask for or provide genealogical information, or to discuss with others topics related to Leavitt genealogy.

Migration Maps- Census data map that shows western migration of Leavitt families, and a map that shows the main routes taken by westward migrating pioneers.

Proclamation on Families- In support of wholesome family values.

NALF- The National Association of Leavitt Families.


Big Event

On August 30, 2008 Many decendants of Jeremiah Leavitt 2nd & Sarah Sturtevant Leavitt gathered in St. George and Santa Clara Utah to pay tribute to their seven children.  WALF commissioned bronze busts to be sculpted and installed at the site of the Sarah Sturtevant Leavitt monument.

There was a gathering at the St. George Tabernacle where Michael O. Leavitt spoke, and then a caravan to Santa Clara where the seven busts were unveiled and the monument was rededicated by Joseph V. Leavitt.

Please see the rededication page for a transcript of the rededication prayer and some pictures from that day.


Chapter Family Web sites

Most links not yet supported (8 Feb 2004)

Nine of the children of Jeremiah Leavitt (I) (b.1760) and Sarah Shannon had posterity.

Accordingly, nine "Family Organizations" have been set up, one for each child's family.

With Deacon John Leavitt (b.1608) and his wife Sarah Gilman as the first generation in a line

of descent, these nine Family Organizations are found to be on the sixth generation level. 

Those at the seventh generation level (who had posterity) are further

divided into what has been defined as "Chapter Organizations."

WALF Family Organizations:

       Wiear Leavitt     

  Abigail Cowles


    Nathaniel Leavitt  

  Deborah Delano

Betsey Bean

    Jeremiah Leavitt II    

Sarah Sturtevant 

    Sarah Leavitt   

William Rowell

Lydia Leavitt

Thomas Rowell

John Leavitt

Lucy Rowell

Rebecca Leavitt

Franklin Chamberlain

Betsey Leavitt

James Adams  

Hannah Leavitt

Horace Fish

Links above go to intermediate web pages for the several family organizations,

and from there links are being made to web sites

that provide representative ancestor data


Family and Chapter Organizations are entrusted with

record keeping and coordination of research for:

-- ANCESTORS of The Direct Line Spouses' Parents --

Please be aware that the main WALF genealogical database contains only

records of Leavitt descendants, and of parents of the spouses of Leavitt

descendants, but not any other ancestors of these spouses.

Our own connection to these ancestors creates in us an

ardent interest in the success of these organizations.

We welcome your comments regarding this site and how we might improve it. 

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